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Wetaj Agency

Wetaj Agency is a bigo live streaming agency, that is concerned with everything about BIGO live, like trends, bands, Bigo Account Recovery, and live streaming services.

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We help you to build your online community and raise your incomes.

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what is Bigo?

Bigo Live is a global live-streaming social platform launched in March 2016 by BIGO Technology, one of Singapore’s fastest-growing AI-powered technology companies. Currently, Bigo Live has more than 400 million users in more than 150 countries, becoming the world’s leading live video broadcasting platform.  On Bigo Live, users start live broadcasts in real-time to share life moments, showcase their talent, and connect with people worldwide. It is committed to connecting the world and allowing everyone to share their special experience’s. BIGO seeks to empower a new generation of users with an exciting new social language where they can exhibit, discover, and remain connected in a positive way.

How to use the application ?

First, you must download and install the Bigo Live application on your Android or iOS mobile device. When you open the application, the program interface appears, where you can log in either with your e-mail, phone number, or Google account. It is preferable to register with a Google account. You can find the full guide here.

How can I earn money through Bigo Live?

Streaming has become more prevalent in today’s world. Here is your chance to earn up to $10,000 and more by working from home. The idea of ​​profiting is through receiving gifts from viewers. If you show a live broadcast and people like it, they can support you by sending you direct gifts. These gifts will be transformed into ‘beans,” and you can encash them as real money in your account.

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Bigo Live, Wetaj Agency, Mr. Khatib Group

How we can help you?

Our experts offer their passion for helping you achieve your goals.

  • Customer service is available 24/7.
  • Solving the guest issue and submitting a request for updates and new privileges.
  • Recovery and account protection is provided when you are hacked.
  • Unblock your account, live, video, and Bigo Coins charging (top-up).
  • Resolving the problem of withdrawing funds from the bank.
  • Organic Bigo promotion, marketing, traffic, and link promotion.

Rules to join Bigo

You must be above 18
Commitment to moral principles
Avoid touchy subjects
Avoid bullying and insults
Respect individual privacy
Avoid harsh language and expressions
Ads cannot be shown during live broadcasts.
It is prohibited to use a vehicle or carry a weapon or sharp object while the live broadcast is in progress.
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Want to become a streamer in our agency?

Working on the global Bigo program to generate work-from-home options within the global WETAJ agency requires:

Your age is over 18 years old.
You're not registered with another agency.
you've to provide 30 h/month of open, live, and interactive labor.
Offering any talent (sports, music, games, entertainment, social, etc.)
Provide your account ID.
The WETAJ agency team will record a video (audition) before registering you as an active broadcaster with us.
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HOW TO BECOME Bigo agent?

This is your opportunity to register a Bigo Live agency and begin working with us to recruit innovative, or talented broadcasters to assist them in their live broadcasts. Applying for the Bigo Live agency allows you to begin working with Bigo Live, hire broadcasters, and earn substantial monthly profits.
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