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Who We are?

About Mr. khatib International Agency

We are a group of business agencies that have come together under the name of MR KHATIB INTERNATIONAL (MASK, WETAJ, MARKEY, SKYLIVE, KHATIB REAL ESTATE, AND KHATIB EVENTS), that has been founded in 2017 and is based in Beirut, Lebanon to provide comprehensive business solutions all over the world. 

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Our mission Our Vision

Our mission in Mr Khatib International is to create comprehensive and creative marketing solutions to help businesses and influencers to succeed. Throughout our business agencies, we are capable to provide our clients with a chain of networks that will suit them by managing accounts on several live streaming apps, social media platforms, production services, events, and luxurious real estate end-to-end deals.

Our vision in Mr Khatib International is to expand our chain of networks to reach every corner of the globe by owning our live-streaming application and to lead the markets with our innovative team of experts that changes the understanding of entrepreneurs by moving the digital marketing game to a whole new level with creating a future where businesses are able to reach their target market effortlessly and efficiently.

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About us

Why Mr Khatib International agency?

1.Proven Success in live streaming in Lebanon

Choose us for TikTok and BIGO Live success! Our creative strategies turn viewers into dedicated fans, guaranteeing measurable success and impactful growth. Trust us for every moment to count!

2.Unique combination of skills and record

We provide a unique blend of services that help you stay up-to-date with all the trends of your platforms by implementing creative marketing strategies. Moreover, we can provide detailed reports and analyses to help you track your company’s market performance.

3. We have the winning combination of events planning and production

Our professionals specialize in organizing and executing all your events and occasions. We focus on working closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and preferences to handle all aspects of their events.

4. Innovative ways to save money and time without sacrificing quality

Hiring our agency helps you minimize your advertising costs and optimize your campaigns to improve your online presence with a time-saving strategy.

5. We Maximize your property investment

We keep you up to date on market trends, property valuations, and regulatory changes. We provide you with valuable insights and advice, allowing you to make informed decisions about real estate investments.

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Our Values

Innovation and Adaptability

Embrace creativity and stay ahead of industry trends, utilizing cutting-edge strategies to adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of social media marketing, sales, and real estate.

Integrity and Transparency

Uphold the highest ethical standards in all interactions. Foster trust through transparent communication, unwavering integrity, and honest business practices.

Collaboration and Teamwork

Encourage a culture of collaboration among team members, clients, and partners. Recognize and value diverse perspectives to foster a dynamic and inclusive work environment.

Results-Driven Excellence
Strive for excellence in delivering

measurable results. Commit to continuous improvement and optimization to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.


Our Goals

Client Success

Ensure the success and satisfaction of our clients by consistently exceeding their expectations, delivering impactful social media marketing campaigns, effective sales strategies, and seamless real estate transactions.

Innovative Campaigns

Develop and implement innovative, data-driven social media marketing campaigns that leverage emerging trends and technologies to maintain a competitive edge and deliver outstanding results.

Sales Growth

Drive exponential sales growth for our clients through dynamic, innovative, and targeted strategic sales initiatives, comprehensive market analysis, and highly effective lead generation strategies.

Market Expansion

Expand our presence in the social media marketing, sales, and real estate sectors by identifying new opportunities, building strategic partnerships, and exploring emerging markets.
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