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Digital Marketing and Live Streaming Agency

Mr Khatib International

We are a group of business agencies that have come together under the name of MR KHATIB INTERNATIONAL (MASK, WETAJ, MARKEY, SKYLIVE, KHATIB REAL ESTATE, AND KHATIB EVENTS), that has been founded in 2017 and is based in Beirut, Lebanon to provide comprehensive business solutions all over the world.


Our Services

Mr Khatib Group, Tiktok Agency in Lebanon, Tiktok Live Streaming

Tiktok Live Streaming

A TikTok agency in Lebanon specializing in helping broadcasters grow. Our services include trend analysis, content exploration, live streaming, and seamless Payoneer cash-outs.

Mr Khatib Group, Bigo Agency in Lebanon, Bigo Live Streaming

Bigo Live Streaming

A leading Bigo agency in Lebanon. Our focus spans emerging trends, fostering vibrant communities, managing bands, and enhancing live-streaming experiences.

Mr Khatib Group, Digital Marketing in Lebanon

Digital Marketing

An Agency of Digital marketing in Lebanon offering services ranging from social media marketing, and strategic planning, to graphic design, web development, content creation...

Mr Khatib Group, Real Estate Services in Lebanon

Real Estate Services

Offering Real Estate services in Lebanon, With a network of properties for buying or selling in Lebanon, our agency lets you search for or list all types of property locally.

We exceed expectations by delivering exceptional results. clients we're proud to work with them

Mr. Mohammad El Khatib

Mohammad El Khatib, the visionary founder of Mr. Khatib International in Beirut, Lebanon, has led the conglomerate to remarkable success since its establishment in 2017. In 2022, the group, under Mohammad’s strategic guidance, achieved TikTok’s Top 1 Live Hero recognition, showcasing his innovative approach and the group’s digital prowess.

Overseeing agencies like Mask, Wetaj, Markey, Skylive, Khatib Real Estate, and Khatib Events, Mohammad’s leadership has positioned Mr. Khatib International as a global provider of comprehensive business solutions. His forward-thinking approach and dedication to client success have solidified the group’s reputation for reliability, creativity, and excellence in services ranging from marketing to real estate, setting industry standards for entrepreneurship and digital innovation.

Mr. Khatib Group, Markey, Wetaj Agency, Mask Agency, SkyLive Agency, Social Media, Marketing, Live Streaming, Production Services
Mr. Mohammad El Khatib, Mr. Khatib Group Founder and Owner

Client satisfaction is our best business strategy

At Mr Khatib International, our top priority is to satisfy our clients. So, we take an individual approach to each project to meet any requirements our clients might have.

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